Friday, February 27, 2015

Chapter 6 and 7 (pg 86-119)

Chapter 6:
This chapter goes into the various inquiries that Ford makes about the Amazon. After visiting with Villares, Ford sends LaRue to the amazon to investigate the various forrest that for may buy. They talk about how the deal might be corrupt because LaRue's possible association with Villares. The land that is described is a vast forrest but it also has a very good environment for cultivating rubber and latex. But most importantly for fords perspective, the citizens of the local area are being held down by the landlords who indent them like in the sharecropping reconstructionist south.
Chapter 7:
Next, Ford sends Ide and Bennet to the Amazon to acquire about the property and establish a Ford office there. The book talks about Henry's, Edsel's, and Bennet's, relationship. Henry is very critical of his son Edsel and this carries onto bennet and Edsel's relationship. The son is often "bullied by the older two who constantly let him carry out task but completely destroy them when he completes them.

Both of these chapters are rather bogged down with detailed bits of small meaningless conversations.

ENV: This section goes into details about the environment of the Amazon. The specific area that is being looked into has already grown trees that yield the precious latex that Ford wants. The amazon is talked of as the biggest river system in the world, and it takes Ide and Bennet days on boat to get up just one of the various tributaries.

Course Outline:
Corruption in government - especial as it related to big business. (Concept 6.3 I. A.)
This is evident in this section because of Bennet and others various ties to Villares. In early chapters in talks of how Villares is trying to pay off people so he can stand to make a higher profit if Ford buys the land that he is offering.

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